Welcome to my website! A little bit about me…

I am a busy wife and mom of 2; passionate at finding balance in my life through my spiritual awakening. I have always been very curious about why I am here, why I incarnated in this time and what is my soul purpose. I love all things woo: crystals, meditation, astrology, aliens and conspiracy theories.

I am also passionate with improving myself; mind, body and soul. And helping women do the same!

I help women unlock the mysteries of their soul through astrology, healing and coaching; so they have the tools they need to feel empowered and improve into the best version of themselves.



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Why you need a Morning Ritual

I feel embarrassed about writing this... since I have been procrastinating lately, sleeping until the last minute, and not doing my morning rituals consistently and in an orderly fashion... While the kids were in school... my ritual game…

July Forecast - Finding Balance amidst the chaos

Boy did June come and go as fast as a blink of an eye! June was quite an intense month... I am glad it is, mostly, behind us. We still have the Retrogrades going strong; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto doing its rounds; and then Neptune joined…


Improving your mindset, healing your self-belief, and re-wiring your thought patterns are excellent ways to heal your mind!


Physical wellness is key! What you put into your body determines how you feel overall. Physical exercise is also great for lifting your mood, your spirits!


Connecting with your inner self, your Higher Self, your guides, angels and to Source, to learn more about you, your origin, your soul purpose and healing!


Self-care is not only going to the spa… it is much more! Mind, body and soul… from eating better to setting clear boundaries! Even decluttering your space…