I feel embarrassed about writing this… since I have been procrastinating lately, sleeping until the last minute, and not doing my morning rituals consistently and in an orderly fashion…

While the kids were in school… my ritual game was on point. Wake up at 4:44am (yes the Angel number), meditate, workout, pull tarot/oracle cards, journal… all before the kids woke up at 6am… and after the first kid left for school, I had an hour to study, look at the astrological forecasts, and set my intention for the day.

Now while they are on summer break, I have one hour to get ready, make a smoothie… and if everything goes well, I might, MIGHT journal. I have to leave much earlier during summer break also due to my commute being longer since the train system where I live is closed and under construction, having to look at other, slower alternatives to get to work; shaving off 1 hour and 20 minutes I had before.

I feel ungrounded at times and sometimes I fit these rituals in during the day, but it’s not the same!

So why is so important to have a morning ritual?

It sets the tone for the day. Once you have your quiet time first thing in the day, you feel you can deal better with anything that comes your way!

It helps you deal with the Matrix/3D world better. If you work 9-5 and have a business on the side, you know what I mean… having time “in the 5D” helps deal with the rest of the world, feeling accomplished that you took the time for your soul’s growth!

You have more energy in the day… especially if you include some energy protection, grounding and working out as some of your morning practices.

You manage stress better. If you start your mornings like a chicken with your head cut off, chances are your whole day will be similar! But if you take some breathing or meditation practice, you will remember during the day to slow down if possible when stressful situations arise.

Morning rituals take you closer to success. It helps build the discipline you need in order to excel at any task that you need to complete at work, your business, at home… keeps you centered!

It is all about setting the tone for the day; as in those first few hours of the morning will determine how your day goes.

Here are some practices I recommend to help your soul, mind and body. You do not have to do them all! Just what resonates with you and fits into your schedule. Here are some I have done at any given time:

⁃ Meditate for 5-10 minutes

⁃ Visualize your day and/or goals as if they have been achieved

⁃ Warm water with lemon juice.

⁃ Write down your dreams in a diary

⁃ Journal

⁃ Mantras/Affirmations

⁃ Read a few pages of a book

⁃ Workout

⁃ Watch a short inspiring video or listen to a podcast

⁃ Have a smoothie!

⁃ Take a few minutes to learn something new

⁃ Energy protection/chakra balance/grounding

How to get started with a morning routine, or get back to it? Willpower, determination… setting that alarm clock. I like to use Mel Robbin’s 5 second rule… get up in 5 seconds right after the alarm goes off… don’t think about how yummy the bed feels… just get up! The first few days are the toughest, but then it gets easier.. while you get used to waking up earlier…

Then find at least 3-5 things to do for your ritual that supports your wellness, spirit and your goals… at least to start! Stick to these every morning that you can.

We are not perfect. Some mornings your body will be needing more rest, listen to it!

Or some days a child decides to wake up at 4:30am…

When I am on my cycle, I forfeit my ritual time and sleep more, or if I had a restless night… always listen to your body!