Astrology Readings (effective September 1st, 2019)

  • General 40  minute Natal Chart Reading, $88. Includes natal chart picture and audio file with reading. This is a general reading of your astrological chart; including planetary positions in signs/houses, aspects and what it all means.

Optional Additions (20+ minutes) – $44

  • Karma/Past Life Reading –  Discover your soul purpose and karma you brought from other past lives based on the placements in your chart. Also any karma with your parents. Want to add your child’s chart to the reading? ($22 additional per child)
  • Starseed/Psychic Placements Reading – Did you incarnate in Arcturus? Or are you clairsentient? I look at specific placements in your natal chart related to starseed/galactic/psychic placements. Also the sabian symbols of your planetary placements with interpretation.
  • Life Purpose/Career Reading (Includes money, success, career, life purpose) – Discover what aspects/placements you were born with related to these topics and how to work with these to achieve your goals.
  • Compatibility Reading –  See how you are compatible with your significant other, or love interest (need birthdate, time and location for both).
  • Current Transits Reading – Discover what planets are currently transiting your chart, and how this will affect. you; along with some recommended tips to make the most of the transits. You can choose any specific day up to a year from now.